Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fanwork Friday with Tasha

So sorry I didn't make the post yesterday guys, something came up. Anywho, I do have two wonderful bits of Fanart to show you, and they are wonderful if I do say so myself. Remember guys, send your work to Juliecross1 (at) live (dot) com to get your work up next friday and be in for a chance to win a wonderful prize!
Scraperboard Holly by Beth, Ohio

  Scraperboard, for those who don't know is where you scrape away a top layer with a fine sharp tool to create an image in the colour below. lot of time and work.
Tempest by Jessie, LA
  A lovely little wrist doodle, that at first glance thought was an actual tattoo!

 Thats all for this friday (or Saturday depending on how you look at your glass) but I am hoping to recieve more lovely work for next week.
 See you guys then


  1. The first one is so cool! That's some amazing artwork :D And the wrist text is very nice, don't get ink poisoning C; haha


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