Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monica's Mismatched Book Couples!

Woah. I haven't posted for some time now. SORRY, GUYS! Testing was getting a bit overwhelming and I just needed a break from the blog and everything BUT some good news come from my little break! 
1) I READ 3 BOOKS IN A WEEK! :D and 2) I GOT MY BRACES OFF! *flails*

Okay, since you don't care about none of that let's move on to your real reason for being here! Since, I have been reading vigorously these past two weeks I got to know some more characters and I have been waiting to share with you what couple I think would be the most PERFECT COUPLE EVER! (You know besides the whole soul mate thing.) Today's MMBC is . . .
Ana is from Jodi Meadow's novel . . .Incarnate while Zeke is from Julie Kagawa's . . .The Immortal Rules. (Really liked both of the books, by the way!)

Ana being a newsoul (I don't care whatever those people said ANA IS A NEWSOUL NOT A NOSOUL) and all feels like she doesn't deserve anything. Due to her mother's "unique" way of raising her Ana has been subjected to feel and behave like she doesn't have the right to love, hate, etc. Not only that but she feels as if she doesn't deserve to live and that's where Zeke comes in! Zeke is just so sweet, thoughtful, and always sees the good in people no matter what.

1)Where would they go for their first date?
Definitely some place quiet so they can just talk, ya know? I say a garden. A fruit garden. Of course they would have to have an iron gate around them to keep both sylph and rabids out. 

2)What would they eat?
I can definitely see Ana picking out the sweetest of fruits as Zeke drowns himself with Ana's much-loved honey.

3) Would there be a first kiss to go with the first date?
WITHOUT A DOUBT! Dude. Ana is so impulsive! I love her so much for it! :) Zeke would have no problem following her lead as he too isn't afraid of showing his feelings. ;)

So, um, yeah. I'm done. HAVE A NICE WEEK! :D :D :D :D


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