Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UN-COVERED #7: How Mark Got Into Modelling

Mark Perini aka model Jackson
So . . . Mark is pretty much the coolest guy ever. You can tell by the past UN-COVERED episodes: 

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Or even just by reading his "how I got into Modelling" story because it's AWESOME. 


The story of how I got started goes like this...I was working at Abercrombie Kids and they were having a casting at the store in NYC at South Street Seaport...In preparation for the event the managers at each of the retail stores picked a person or two that they thought would be a good fit for the campaign...So I got picked and one other girl from the store. 

This girl Kaitlyn, my manager at the time and myself  all went into NYC for this casting. (Side-note is that I almost didn't go because I had a quiz at school and I thought that there was no freaken way I was going to get picked.) 

[editor's note: I wouldn't even be THINKING about school if this was happening to me.] 
When I got to the casting early in the morning there were over 200 people there. And I kept thinking I should have just gone to school. While nervously waiting for our turn we were told by the casting director that we would be on video tape talking about a fake excursion to find Nessy the Loch Ness Monster. When I finally got to go I put on a goofy Scottish accent and just had as much fun possible answering all the questions. 

 Two weeks later I got a call from a Ryan Scott from Abercrombie and he asked if I had any interest in going to LA to do a job for Hollister Co. I was so stoked i was jumping up and down. And I said of course I did. And that was the start of it all...One interesting note was that the whole job was shot on film not digital. I suppose now I'm aging myself.

SEE? He's awesome. ;) We like Mark.

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  1. ...And now I have a huge crush on him. Thanks, Julie.


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